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    October 28, 2011 by Danielle Enzinna

    You may have heard this increasingly popular buzz word come up in conversation, at a networking event, or in the news. A website’s Page Rank refers to a number that is arrived at by using a very complex algorithm developed by Computer Scientist and Co-Founder of Google, Larry Page. Google (and only Google) uses this algorithm as a way to assign value and importance to websites. The Page Rank values can range from a 10 which is the best value a website can be assigned to a 0 which is the worst value a website can be assigned.

    Google uses Page Rank (among other tools) to determine the relevance of websites and help to determine their placement in the SERP, or the Search Engine Results Page. While Google won’t release all of the factors that contribute to Page Rank, several industry professionals have started to decode the process providing us with useful information. Having a high Page Rank can help with placement in the SERP but it is not a solid guarantee for the coveted number one result. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

    Using several factors, Search Engine Optimization builds the relevance and importance of your website to help improve visibility when people search for subject matter that is closely related to the content or services on your particular website. The higher up in the SERPs you are, the better chance you have of gaining valuable visitors, or clicks, to your website. The more visitors you get every month, the more brand awareness is created, referrals are generated, and customers develop.

    While Page Rank is an important differentiator to consider when evaluating how you can improve your own website, it’s important not to exclude other equally as important factors. The quality of content on your website, the relevance of that content to the services you are looking to provide to potential customers, the layout of your website and the ease of use are all important aspects to consider.

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